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Item Price Model
vCPU Early Adopters Offer! €0.041
per vCPU/hour
Memory * Early Adopters Offer! €0.005
included in vCPU
per GB/hour
Persistent Volumes €0.35 per GB/month
Data Transfer Early Adopters Offer! €0.04/GB
10 GB/month for free
per GB/month in/out to internet
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  • * Each vCPU comes with 2GB of dedicated RAM. If you need 10GB of Ram, you need to allocate 5 CPU
  • Data Tansfer IN/OU to the internet: 10 GB/month free, after $0.04/GB per month

vCPU are billed for each hour the container is in the RUNNING state, with a minimum of 1 hour.


Hyper-professional support for every need.

Our Solution Architect Team to support you onboarding DevOps methodologies and continuous deployment/delivery, or simply solving your technical problems.

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community support (chat, forum)

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Community support (chat, forum)

Email support

Unlimited cases

Response Times < 24 business hours

6 hours/month One-to-One

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2.5k /mo

Community support (chat, forum)

Email support

Premium chat / phone support

Unlimited cases

Response Times < 4 business hours

40 hours/month One-to-One

Custom integration

AWS VPC-Peering and custom regions

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Frequently asked questions.

Let us help answer the most common questions you might have.

How are consumed resources billed?

You are billed only for the resources in use. Volumes are considered in use until not removed. Containers are considered in use while in `running ` state. You won't be billed for stopped containers.

What are One-to-One support meetings?

Standard and Premium support plans include One-to-One videocalls with our Cloud Solution Architect team. Our team can help you setting up your workload with BeeKube, identifying best practices for continuous deployment/delivery and DevOps adoption.

How does billing work?

You pay only for what you use, and you'll never pay more than your allocated budget. New accounts start with free credit to start using BeeKube. Your resources consume the credit in your account. You are free to top-up your credit any time.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Each new account starts with free credit to try our services, valid for 12 months. Once you finished your credits, you are free to top-up your account.

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