• Business plan is billed monthly per configured instance (either a cloud server - EC2, Azure VM - or an AWS CloudFormation Stack)
  • Enterprise plan is billed annually and allows customers to deploy HakunaCloud in their private AWS VPC
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$3 /instance/mo

  • As A Service
  • Unlimited accounts
  • All supported providers
  • HTTPS based trigger
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From $5000 / year

  • All included in Business
  • Appliance - deploy your VPC
  • Unlimited instances
  • HTTPS and metrics based triggers
  • Custom Integration
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MSP Partners

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  • Customized Invoicing
  • Multi-tenant dashboard
  • HTTPS and metrics based triggers
  • Support for MS Remote Desktop RDP
  • Custom Integration
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  • Each plan has unlimited bandwith in ingress and up to 10GB/month in outbound (after $0.08/GB)
  • Each plan has full support plan

Functionalities break-down

  Business Enterprise MSP
Unlimited Cloud Accounts
Support AWS CloudFormation
HTTPS Trigger
Standard Metrics Trigger  
Custom Metrics Trigger  
Remote Desktop RDP Support  
On-Premise Active Directory SSO  
Team Management  
Multi-Tenant Management Dashboard    
Customized Invoicing