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Pay only for resources used, metered per seconds.

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Pricing table

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Item Price
vCPU €0.0000014
per % of CPU per second.
€0.0504 for 1 vCPU running at 100% for 1 hour
Memory €€0.0000000004
per MB per second
€0.00144 per 1GB of RAM for 1 hour
Persistent SSD Volumes €0.207
per GB/month
Data Transfer €0.1/GB
per GB/month in/out to internet
Free for 6 months
Public IPv4 €0.005 per IPv4
per assigned public IPv4, billed hourly
Free for 6 months
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Pricing Examples

With HakuaCloud you pay only for used resources, metered by second

Atlassian Stack

  • 2 x PostgreSQL database (10GB)
  • 1 x Atlassian Jira
  • 1 x Atlassian Confluence

Computing power: €2/month, storage €2/month

Build Server

A build server for CI/CD tool, with up to 8 CPU, 16GB of RAM and 50GB of storage that run at full capacity (8 core at 100%) for 6 hours per day

  • HakunaClod: €87/month
  • AWS EC2: €244/month
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Pricing & Billing FAQ

With HakuaCloud you pay only for used resources, metered by second


How are CPU and Memory billed?

Every second CPU usage (share %) and Memory allocated (in Megabytes) of running containers is metered. A 100% CPU share represent a single CPU running at full capacity.

How many CPUs/Memory are allocated to my containers?

Each container can use up to 32 cores (Intel XEON or AMD Epyc) and up to 64 GB of RAM. There are no other constraints on memory/cpu allocation

Is there any free trial?

Each new account starts with free credit to try our services, valid for 12 months. Once you finished your credits, you are free to top-up your account.

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