Hakuna Switch

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A technology to switch on or switch off your cloud resources

in accordance with their actual usage!

Save up to 80% on your cloud server costs!

Why HakunaSwitch?

Better Than Scheduling

Your server is always available, even when you are not paying for it!

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New model

Stop using a pay as a service model, start paying only for what you use, pay per use! If nobody is using a resource, nobody should pay for it.

Save Time

5-minute setup, no need to install agents or update your existing infrastructure! Easy-in, easy-out!

How It Works

Hakuna Switch is a software-as-a-service HTTPS proxy. You don't need to change existing software or infrastructure, and you don't need to install additional tools on your servers.

Each cloud server must have an FQDN/DNS name configured as a CNAME to our load balancers.

  • SECURE: SSL termination is done on YOUR server - all the traffic is encrypted
  • NEVER TIMEOUT: client connections are kept alive - builds and dev tools will work seamlessly

Compatible With

  • 1

    Install Hakuna CLI

    npm install @hakuna.cloud/cli -g and you are ready to go.
    Or use the web dashboard!

  • 2

    Configure your cloud provider

    Configure HakunaCloud with your cloud provider api token.

    You can use as many cloud providers you need!

  • 3

    Update the DNS

    Set the CNAME record for your cloud server to:
    Europe: eu1.lb.hakuna.cloud
    North America: na1.lb.hakuna.cloud

    That's it 😎.
    When your server stops receiving requests, it will be stopped. As soon as a new request arrives, Hakuna will start it.

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