Zombie servers

A Zombie Cloud Server that is too much expensive

Cloud Servers are billed for every hour they are running, regardless of their actual usage.
Any non-production resources (such as development, testing, and staging) are only needed during a limited amount of time, 40 to 60 hours per week.
This means that if cloud servers are left running 24/7, 65% or more of their cost is wasted.

We call them zombie servers.


A workaround is to schedule the uptime and the downtime of a cloud server, which leads to 2 problems:

  • OPTIMIZATION: you keep increasing the uptime window to fit with any possible use case;
  • AVAILABILITY: your server can't be used outside the planned time.
Scheduling doesn't work

Hakuna Cloud - start and stop in realtime

Hakuna dynamically starts and stops cloud servers accordingly to the incoming network requests.

HakunaCloud works with HTTPS, RDP and triggers based on metrics - CPU usage, load or custom metrics emitted by your service.

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