General question

The total startup time is the sum of time for provisioning the cloud server and the time required by your service.
In our experience, an EC2 instance is provisioed in less than 45 seconds.
As a reference, an EC2 instance `t3.large` running PostgreSQL + Atlassian JIRA starts up in less than 100 seconds


No, your data are safe if your server support HTTPS protocol. All the data exchanged between your server and your clients is encrypted and not accessible by us.
Security is a first-class feature for us. Your credentials are encrypted at rest and are exchanged via secure HTTPS


Hakuna.cloud can start a cloud server in less than 45 seconds, then it's up to the software/service that uns on top of it.
In our experience, a java-based web app start (JIRA) in less than 25 seconds
After a defined interval from the last received HTTP request, by default set to 30 minutes but completely configurable.
We need an api key to start and stop your cloud server. You can grant us a very limited set of permissions (see our docs), tailoring it down to a single EC2 instance that can be managed by us. Your credentials are always encrypted using HMAS hardware.
Hakuna Cloud fully support HTTPS connections. The SSL termination is *always* done on your servers, not on ours. The traffic between your client and your server will always be encrypted and unreadable by us.
Yes, to make internet a safer place you should always use https. You can have unlimited SSL certificates for free Let's Encrypt. If you really need, we support also plain http connections. We won't log or inspect your traffic.
We give you a free, pre-configured and ready to use third-level domain similar to yourname.hakuna.dev.
We can help you configuring your custom domain name.
Hakuna is not meant to be used as an orchestrator or to scale capacity in/out. It is a tool to start and stop single cloud servers, to optimize cloud spending.