Life at Hakuna Cloud

Our mission is to reduce any barriers to the usage of Cloud Computing. We are convinced there are 2 main barriers: price and knowledge. Hakuna Cloud we break down the price, stopping the server while is doing nothing and start it again when a request arrives.

We are a startup, so we are a small company full of smart people. Any member of our team has the opportunity to participate in our growth and make a difference.

Working at Hakuna Cloud is fun: it's one of our values. We strongly believe that we can do our best only while having fun.

Joel Test - 2019 version: 10/12

  • Do you track progress and manage change?
  • Will the organization exist in 6 months time?
  • Do you track metrics about your product usage?
  • Do you have dedicated UI and UX designers?
  • Do you use the best tools money can buy?
  • Can you do remote-work?
  • Do you fix bugs BEFORE new code?
  • Are you Full CI/CD?
  • Do you have a comprehensive test plan?
  • Do you use tools chosen by the team? (include OS & IDE)
  • Do you have time allocated to improve internal tools or process?
  • Do you have time allocated to learn something new? (Not just lunch & learn)