The Container Orchestrator
That Just Works

Deploy and operate containers in your cloud, within seconds
As simple as `docker run`


BeeKube, the on-premise container orchestrator

BeeKube is the Plug'n'Play Container orchestrator that just works

Compatible with your cloud provider, managed by us.

Up & Running in 5 minutes!

BeeKube share the same command interface of Docker - the tool already adopted by your team!

Autoscaling that Works

Automatically add and remove computing instances and load balancers with no configurations.

Cut cloud costs

Easily use AWS EC2 Spot or Google Cloud Preentible instances to save up to 80% in your monthly bill.

First step to Kubernetes

Scaling to K8S after having adopted BeeKube is just easier!

Fully Managed

BeeKube control plane is completely managed by us, while your containers and your data never leave your servers!

Use your own infrastructure

BeeKube works with your existing AWS, Google, DigitalOcean or VMWare infrastructure

Increase your dev team capacity by 40%!

BeeKube automate the sysadmin and ops tasks and free your team from repetitive and out-of-scope activities, saving 40% of their working time!

BeeKube can be deployed on you cloud infrastructure
BeeKube reduce your monthly cloud spend by using Spot/Preentible instance

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What is BeeKube?

BeeKube is a self-hosted, managed container-as-a-service platform.

With BeeKube, customers can focus on software and business development instead of spending time and effort in learning, managing and optimizing cloud IT infrastructure.

If you want more control over HakunaCloud, or you have certain security requirements, it is possible to run the HakunaCloud backend on your own infrastructure. This means that when you use the HakunaCloud CLI, your Docker containers will be running on your own servers, instead of on servers provided by us.


What is a self-hosted managed platform?

With BeeKube, the control panel, the api and the monitoring services are hosted and managed by HakunaCloud. The containers, the persistent volumes and all the network traffic is hosted on computing resources owned by the customers, like EC2 instances on AWS.


Which platforms are supported?

BeeKube support Amazon AWS.


Can I run BeeKube on Google Cloud / DigialOcean / VMWare?

The support for Google Cloud, DigitalOcean and VMware vCenter is currently in a private beta.

Get in touch to join our beta program.


What is the difference between BeeKube and Kubernetes? And Amazon ECS?

With BeeKube, developers do not have to learn a new programming paradigm or to adapt their existing software/architecture to run on Kubernetes or ECS. BeeKube shares the same CLI and API of Docker, a tool already adopted by all developers.

BeeKube supports persistent SSD volumes for intensive IO workloads that can be mounted and shared by multiple containers simultaneously.


Who are you?

HakunaCloud is developed and maintained by MY-IDEAS srl, an Italian 🇮🇹 startup established in 2018 and funded by
LVenture Group.

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