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Who We Are

We are HakunaCloud/BeeKube/MY-IDEAS, an Italian startup established in 2018 in Rome, Italy.

We have a strong background in cloud computing ad cloud architecture - our CEO is an ex Amazonian, our CTO is a former Senior Cloud Architect consultant at NTT Data.

Our office is located in the hearth of the innovation, the LUISS EnLabs co-working spaces.

What is BeeKube? What is HakunaCloud

BeeKube has a past life as the backbone infrastructure of HakunaCloud,a service to cut the costs of cloud servers. BeeKube is the Docker Container Orchestrator we developed internally.

As a startup, we wanted to focus on development (and advertising 😀).
By optimizing and automating tasks, we ended up with our own container orchestrator platform, that began to be adopted by other startups.

The Team

We are the people behind BeeKube/HakunaCloud

Tommaso Doninelli

Giorgio Catenacci

Carlo Loffredo
- Cloud Engineer

Ahmed Abdel Rahman
- Business Developer


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Daria Vignaroli
- Administration

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