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Who We Are

We are HakunaCloud, an Italian startup established in 2018 in Rome, Italy.

We have a strong background in cloud computing ad cloud architecture - our CEO is an ex Amazonian, our CTO is a former Senior Cloud Architect consultant at NTT Data.

We are backed by LVenture Group, the most active and innovative VC in south Europe.

What is BeeKube? What is HakunaCloud?

BeeKube has a past life as the backbone infrastructure of our company, MY-IDEAS srl. It supported our first products iterations in the cloud computing industry.

As a startup, we wanted to focus on development (and advertising 😀).
By optimizing and automating tasks, we ended up with our container orchestrator platform, that began to be adopted by other startups, as well.

The Team

We are the people behind BeeKube/HakunaCloud

Tommaso Doninelli

Giorgio Catenacci

Carlo Loffredo
- Cloud Engineer

Ahmed Abdel Rahman
- Business Developer


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Daria Vignaroli
- Administration

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