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# 1) Install the CLI
npm install @hakuna.cloud/cli
# 2) Create a persistent SSD Volume
hakuna volume create http_data
# 3) Start a container
hakuna run --name voltronv \
        -v http_data:/var/www \
        -p 80:80 \
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Ready at your service

No need to setup and maintain a complex, multinode cluster.

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Persistent Volumes

Persistent SSD volumes for intensive IO workloads (databases).

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Private and Public networks

Attach your container to private or internet-facing networks.

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Pay Per Use

Pay for % of cpu actual used, not for the total provisioned.

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Full CI/CD Deployments

Deploy from your continuous integration server using CLI or API.

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Private registry

Deploy your own code from any private DockerHub or AWS ECR repository.

Pay As You Use


Pay only for the consumed resources, not for the maximum allocated.
With HakunaCloud there is no need to rightsize your servers, you'll have all the power you need when you need.

Pricing Details

What is HakunaCloud?

Hakunacloud is a managed container as a service platform, that let users deploy any container in cloud infrastructure, using the interfaces of Docker.


Why is different from Kubernetes?

With HakunaCloud there is no need to provision, maintain and pay for a cluster of nodes. Also, HakunaCloud has native support for IP ingress and SSD DAV (direct-attached Volumes).


What is the differences with GKE, AWS EKS, DigitalOcean?

HakunaCloud containers are billed on metered resources: there are no costs for unused CPU or memory capacity in your cluster. HakunaCloud is meant for small to medium-size workloads, for developers and startups that need a simple, fast quick and fast way to deploy their services in a managed, secure and reliable infrastructure.


Who are you?

HakunaCloud is developed and maintained by MY-IDEAS srl, an Italian startup founded in 2018 and supported by LVenture Group.


What are SSD DAV Volumes?

A DAV is a directly attached volume. It provides the same performances of a regular SSD hard drive, in terms of IOPS and read/write speed. It can be used by multiple containers and provide a high degree of availability.


What is an IPv4 ingress?

Hakunacloud map a public IPv4 address to each container that exposes a port. With HakunaCloud there is no need to create HTTP-based ingress, and customers can use and reuse any port for their containers.


How are my containers isolated from others?

Hakunacloud isolate containers at the cluster level.

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