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For developers and teams that want to run any workload in a container-based, fully-managed platform.

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# 1) Install the CLI
npm install @hakuna.cloud/cli
# 2) Create a persistent SSD Volume
hakuna volume create http_data
# 3) Start a container
hakuna run --name voltronv \
        -v http_data:/var/www \
        -p 80:80 \

No Instance Sizing

Stop trying to balance performance and costs. Scale automatically from 0 to 32 vCPU!

Pay Per Use

Stop trying to balance performance and costs. Scale automatically from 0 to 32 vCPU!

Ready at your service

No server management, no tools to install, no firewalls to configure

Persistent Volumes

Persistent, multi-attachable SSD volumes for intensive IO workloads (databases).

Already Charged

Start with €30 in credit to try HakunaCloud without time restrictions!

aaaaaPrivate registry

Deploy your own code from any private DockerHub or AWS ECR repository.

Pay As You Use


Pay only for the consumed resources, not for the maximum allocated.
With HakunaCloud there is no need to rightsize your servers, you'll have all the power you need when you need.

Pricing Details

What is HakunaCloud?

Hakunacloud is a managed Container-As-A-Service platform, that let users deploy and run any Docker containers without managing the underlying IT infrastructure.


What's the difference from pther PAAS like Heroku / Google App Engine / ...

With HakunaCoud there are no restrictions on the programming languare or libraries you can use. Containers are not limited in resource usage, and never sleep. You can run a short-lived job, or a long-live data-cunching program.


Is it better than Kubernetes?

HakunaCloud is not a Kubernetes alternative. Wth Hakunacloud you can use the same concepts of Docker without having to configure and maintain a cluster.


Where are your servers?

HakunaCloud infrastructure is built on top of Amazon AWS and Google Cloud. Our servers and block storage have the reliability and affidability of the best cloud providers on the market!


Where are stored my data?

HakunaCloud is offered from datcenters in Ireland and Germany, Europe. New regions in US and South America are coming!


Who are you?

HakunaCloud is developed and maintained by MY-IDEAS srl, an Italian startup established in 2018 and funded by LVenture Group.

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