All the cloud you need, no worries.

We stop your cloud servers when they are not in use.
You save up to 80% on your monthly bill.

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Hakuna Cloud is a Ninja!

Save up to 80% on your cloud server costs!

Why HakunaCloud?

Better Than Scheduling

Hakuna starts&stops a server considering the actual requests coming.
Your server is always available, even if you are not paying for it!

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Save Money

Stop paying as a service, start paying only for what you use. If nobody is using the server, it will be stopped - and you won't pay for it.

Save Time

5-minute setup, no need to install agents or update your existing infrastructure!

How It Works

Hakuna Cloud is a software-as-a-service HTTPS proxy. You don't need to change existing software or infrastructure, and you don't need to install additional tools on your servers.

Each cloud server must have an FQDN/DNS name configured as a CNAME to our load balancers.

  • SECURE: SSL termination is done on YOUR server - all the traffic is encrypted
  • NEVER TIMEOUT: client connections are kept alive - builds and dev tools will work seamlessly

Compatible With

  • 1

    Install Hakuna CLI

    npm install @hakuna.cloud/cli -g and you are ready to go.
    Or use the web dashboard!

  • 2

    Configure your cloud provider

    Configure HakunaCloud with your cloud provider api token.

    You can use as many cloud providers you need!

  • 3

    Update the DNS

    Set the CNAME record for your cloud server to:
    Europe: eu1.lb.hakuna.cloud
    North America: na1.lb.hakuna.cloud

    That's it 😎.
    When your server stops receiving requests, it will be stopped. As soon as a new request arrives, Hakuna will start it.

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Our Customers Use Hakuna To...

Reduce hosting cost for Jira Server

Atlassian JIRA & Confluence

A startup is reducing the monthly hosting cost of Atlassian Stack, saving $250/month.

Hakuna Cloud stops the server when no member of your team is using JIRA. As soon as someone logs on JIRA, the server is started and your team can access all the data it needs.

Run bigger and faster Gitlab server

Private Gitlab server

A company in healthcare running a self-hosted Gitlab server is saving $350/month, and migrated to a powerful instance type to run builds faster!

Hakuna keeps the cost down by stopping it when devs are not pushing!
The first push will trigger the start of your server, and your team won't miss any pushes/pulls

Automatic stop AWS Fargate containers

Test Env on Docker/Fargate

A Web Agency that customizes Wordpress and Drupal is saving $3000/month on their test infrastructure!

Deploy as many environments you need of your web app on AWS Fargate, a managed container infrastructure. With Hakuna you won't pay unless someone is actually testing your app!

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