Docker in the Clouds

Start your Docker containers
in the clouds.


Dont’t waste your time with complex Kubernetes cluster management.

Simple, fast and secure Container As A Service platform!

Run your container in seconds!

# 1) Install the CLI
npm install @beekube/cli
# 2) Create a persistent SSD Volume
beekube volume create http_data --size 10
# 3) Start a container
beekube run -v http_data:/var/www -p 80:80 --name bee-kube nginx
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Ready at your service

No need to setup and maintain a complex, multinode Kubernetes cluster with shared storage.

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Persistent Volumes

Mount persistent volumes in your containers.

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Private and Public networks

Attach your container to private or internet-facing networks

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Pay Per Use

BeeKube resources are billed only when in use.

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Full CI/CD Deployments

Deploy from your continuous integration server using CLI or API.

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Private registry

Deploy your own code from any private DockerHub or AWS ECR repository.

Fair and simple pricing.

With HakunaCloud, there are no upfront payments and you only pay for the resources that you use.
You pay for the amount of vCPU and memory resources consumed by your containerized applications.

Item Price Model
vCPU Early Adopters Offer! €0.041
per vCPU/hour
Memory * Early Adopters Offer! €0.005
included in vCPU
per GB/hour
Persistent Volumes €0.35 per GB/month
Data Transfer Early Adopters Offer! €0.04/GB
10 GB/month for free
per GB/month in/out to internet

What is HakunaCloud?

HakunaCloud is a Container As A Service platform, a managed cloud built with BeeKube and HakunaSwitch.


Can I use HakunaCloud in production?

Absolutely. HakunaCloud runs on the high available and reliable cloud infrastructure provided by Amazon AWS!


What do you mean with "early access"?

HakunaCloud is already in use in production workloads from several customers. We are actively adding new features, meaning that we may change our APIs or provide new services.


What is BeeKube?

BeeKube is a simple, battle-ready container orchestration. We developed it after our experience with Docker Swarm and Kubernetes.


Is there a free trial?

Yup! On signup, we give you credits to try out HakunaCloud!


Do you offer on-premise installation?

Yes. You can use BeeKube, our container orchestrator, in your own cloud environment.
Get in touch so we can discuss your specific usecase

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