All the cloud you need, no worries.

We stop your cloud servers when they are not in use.
You save up to 80% on your monthly bill.

Hakuna Cloud is a Ninja!

Save up to 80% on your cloud server costs!

Cloud Server Cost

Cloud Servers

Cloud servers have many advantages like availability, scalability and flexibility.

However, in order to provide the services 24/7, the server must be on even when nobody is using it.

A Zombie Cloud Server that is too much expensive

Zombie Servers?

At nights or during weekends, a running cloud server cost money without doing any real business.

What if there was a way to cut the cost of running a cloud server down to 50% or less in as little as 5 minutes, by automatically starting the it when needed and disposing it when there are no requests?

Hakuna Cloud cut your cloud server costs down to 20%

Introducing Hakuna Cloud

Hakuna Cloud acts as a smart HTTPS proxy, compatible with most cloud providers, that provisions and terminates your instances accordingly to real-time incoming requests.

Hakuna does with cloud servers what your car do with the engine: stopping it when you don't need it (at a trffic light) and start it back as soon as you need to move!

Our Customers Use Hakuna To...

Reduce hosting cost for Jira Server

Atlassian JIRA & Confluence

A startup is reducing the monthly hosting cost of Atlassian Stack, saving $250/month.

Hakuna Cloud stop the server when no one of your team is using JIRA. As soon as someone browse to JIRA, the server is started and your team can access to all the data it needs.

Run bigger and faster Gitlab server

Private Gitlab server

A company in Healthcare running a self-hosted Gitlab server is saving $350/month,and migrated to a powerful instance type to run build faster!

Hakuna keep the cost down by stopping it when devs are not pushing!
The first push will trigger the start of your server, and your team won't miss any push/pull

Automatic stop AWS Fargate containers

Test Environment on Docker/Fargate

A Web Agency that customize Wordpress and Drupal is saving $3000/month on their test infrastructure!

Deploy as many environment you need of your web app on AWS Fargate, managed container infrastructure. With Hakuna you won't pay unless someone is actually testing your app!

How It Works

Hakuna Cloud is a software-as-a-service HTTPS proxy. You don't need to change existing software or infrastructure, and you don't need to install additional tools on your servers.

Hakuna Cloud works with your FQDN, or domain name - like https://jira.hakuna.cloud. The only required configuration is to change your DNS record as a CNAME to our load balancers.

Hakuna Cloud fully support HTTPS with SSL termination on YOUR server, which means that all your traffic is encrypted, end-to-end.

Hakuna Cloud keep client connections alive, until the cloud server is up and running. Your clients will never get redirected or their connection willnever be terminated. That means, the first client will just wait for the server to be online without errors.

  • 1

    Install Hakuna CLI

    Hakuna Cloud is a SysAdmin/DevOps tool, that can be configured and managed using a command line tool. Just run npm install @hakuna.cloud/cli -g and you are ready to go.

    hakuna cli can be integrated in any devops workflow. It's JSON-based output is ment for scripts!

  • 2

    Configure your cloud provider

    Hakuna Cloud must be able to interact with your cloud provider. Create an API token or an IAM user and add it to your Hakuna Cloud account.
    It's easy as hakuna provider create

    You can use as many cloud provider you need!

  • 3

    Configure a VHost

    A VHost represent your cloud server in Hakuna Cloud. Run hakuna vhost create and configure which of your running server will be managed by Hakuna.

    That's it. When your server stop receiving requests, it will be stopped. As soon as a new request arrives, Hakuna will start it.

  • 4

    Update te DNS

    Configure the DNS record that point to your service, to one of our load balancer:
    Europe: eu1.lb.hakuna.cloud
    North America: na1.lb.hakuna.cloud

    hat's it. When your server stop receiving requests, it will be stopped. As soon as a new request arrives, Hakuna will start it.


No need to change your existing infrastructure, no need to install any software on your servers. Configure Hakuna in 5 minute

Save up to 80%

Stop paying as a service, start paying only for what you use. If nobody is using the server, it will be stopped. And you won't pay for it.


We use uses FIPS 140-2 validated hardware security modules to protect your keys, and SSL termination is done in YOUR server!

Our monthly plans

Choose one of our tailored solutions. For you and your team.
Each account ha unlimited bandwith in ingress and up to 10GB/month in outbound (after $0.08/GB)


$3 /mo

  • Pay $3/mo for each configured server
  • *.hakuna.dev domain only
  • All supported providers


$250 / mo

  • 10 server included
  • Custom domain
  • All supported providers
  • Team management


Get in touch

  • Unlimited server/fleet
  • Custom integration
  • Appliance - deploy Hakuna in your cloud
  • Unlimited Data Transfer

About Us

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does it takes to start my server?

Hakuna.cloud can start a cloud server in less than 45 seconds, then it's up to the software/service that uns on top of it.
In our experience, a java-based web app start (JIRA) in less than 25 seconds

When do you stop my server?

After a defined interval from the last received HTTP request, by default set to 30 minutes but completely configurable.

Why do you need my cloud Access Key? Is it safe?

We need an api key to start and stop your cloud server. You can grant us a very limited set of permissions (see our docs), tailoring it down to a single EC2 instance that can be managed by us. Your credentials are always encrypted using HMAS hardware.

Hakuna is an http proxy. Is it safe? Are you guys doing MITM attack?

Hakuna Cloud fully support HTTPS connections. The SSL termination is *always* done on your servers, not on ours. The traffic between your client and your server will always be encrypted and unreadable by us.

Do I need an SSL certificate?

Yes, to make internet a safer place you should always use https. You can have unlimited SSL certificates for free Let's Encrypt. If you really need, we support also plain http connections. We won't log or inspect your traffic.

Do I need a DNS/Domain name? Btw, what is it?

We give you a free, pre-configured and ready to use third-level domain similar to yourname.hakuna.dev.
We can help you configuring your custom domain name.

Can you scale my server capacity during peek hours?

Hakuna is not meant to be used as an orchestrator or to scale capacity in/out. It is a tool to start and stop single cloud servers, to optimize cloud spending.